I'm not Crazy I'm just a little unwell...

I know right now you can't tell

Proud Misha Minion
14 August 1985
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OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. When I find something I like I will write, draw and icon my little heart out. Come hell or high water. If that sounds interesting and you like what I do feel free to friend me!


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If you feel the need to watch some amazingly FANTASTIC Stargate Music Vids you must go to obfreak

Credit to inxsomniax, ewanism, xsleepingswanx & 77words for Icon texture and brushes.
Screencap credits to derry667, crystalchain & mcalex22
Hot Fuzz mood theme from militantmonkey
Master mood theme from fallen_iceangel
Spaced goodies credit to megz33
Thank you!!

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